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Wishing all Muslims “Selama Hari Raya”

We close for business from 27 (Sunday) till 31 (Thursday) July for this festival season. Business will resume as usual on 1st (Friday) August 2014.



Sequela of gum disease
Sequela of gum disease


Gingivitis is the inflammation of the gingiva due to bacterial infection that can occur at any age but most frequently arises during adolescence. It is a disease that requires the presence and maturation of bacterial plaque Gingivitis is diagnosed by bleeding and by changes in the colour, contour and consistency of the gingiva. Features include red swollen marginal gingiva; loss of stippling; red-purple, bulbous interdental papillae; and the increased fluid flow from the gingival crevice. Gingival bleeding and pain are induced by tooth-brushing and slight probing. Treatment of gingivitis consists of frequent and regular removal of plaque through dental scaling and root planing. If gingivitis is left untreated for a long period of time, it will lead periodontitis which will result in loosing teeth.




PURE® Patient Aesthetics
Pure monocrystalline sapphire for a virtually invisible bracket.

PURE® Patient Comfort
Each PURE bracket has been diamond and heat polished for an ultra-smooth finish.

PURE® Bond Strength
Propietary bonding base ensures the PURE brackets stay put until you are ready to remove them.

PURE® Contoured Base
Bracket base allows for quick and easy bracket placement.

PURE® Predictable Debonding
The bracket is designed to fail at the bracket/adhesive interface.


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A young lady came to our clinic complaint of her teeth were crooked and her front teeth were jerking out (below).  She wanted to have them corrected.
We suggested to her that braces would be the best treatment option.

She went through orthodontic treatment for 1 years and finally, all her teeth were well aligned (below) and she has the confident to smile again!!

Read more on how we corrected her teeth…


Some of the Whitening Result with Zoom In-Office Whitening System

Before Bleaching

After Bleaching

In-office whitening procedure using ZOOM whitening system required only one dental appointment and you will have  white, attractive teeth. Below are some of the results with ZOOM whitening

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