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Equipped with the latest technologies, our clinics and treatments are specially customized to fulfil your expectations.


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With over 10 years of experience, our specialists are experts in restoring your dental health! Dentistry is our profession, but people are our focus.


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Different dental treatments, each designed to your perfection. We aspire to restore your dental health and giving you that smile you dreamt off!

Teeth Whitening

Teeth which are overall yellowish or brownish can be whitened to a desirable colour. We are using the ZOOM! Whitening system which only requires patients to sit on our dental chair for 2 hours of painless procedures and leave with a radiant white smile.

Porcelain Veneers

A conservative way to correct the shape, size and colour of the front teeth thus, creating a beautiful and confident smile.

Digital Dentistry

With the most advanced technology, our 3D scanner and printer can capture precise optical impression of your oral cavity, producing the best dental treatment experience for you.

Aesthetic Filling

With multiple colour/shade selection of white filling, we incorporate layering technique into our restorations and thus creating the most natural aesthetic of your teeth.

Orthodontic/ Braces Treatment

With multiple colour/shade selection of white filling, we incorporate layering technique into our restorations and thus creating the most natural aesthetic of your teeth.

Dental Implant

Dental Implant is the best replacement to a missing tooth. Being able to bond to human bone by osseo-integration, it is strong and has a very high success rate of 95-98%.

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

A treatment to correct the smiling gum line, whether to expose more teeth in crown lengthening, or cover up exposed root surface or even reducing bulkiness in the gum area.

Laser Dentistry

Dental laser is being used in all fields of dental disciplines from oral surgery, restorative dentistry in caries removal and tooth preparation, cosmetic dentistry in soft tissue contouring and crown lengthening.

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Best Dental Surgeons
Our dental specialists (oral surgery & orthodontics) are here to design treatments with utmost dental expertise that will fulfil your expectations.

Quick Examination
In a simple visit, you can understand your dental health better and we are here to provide the necessary treatments you need.

Painless Procedures
Transforming dental anxiety into soothing, peaceful relaxation with absolute safety, our clinics provide sedation service that ensures your comfort throughout your dental visit.

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Dr. Ng Hon Wei


With his expertise in oral maxillofacial surgical treatments, Dr. Ng is committed to provide patients with the highest quality of dental care.

Dr. Ng Hon Wei

Director of the company and he is a maxillofacial surgeon.

“We will try our best to keep our customer happy…  putting a new smiley face on them and to make everyone able to enjoy their food very much!!!”

Dr. Joann Yong Sook Mei

Aligning teeth with confidence, bringing a tidy and beautiful smile to her patients is Dr. Joann’s biggest passion.

Dr. Ng Sheue Nee

Highly recommended by her patients for being gentle and caring, Dr. Ng always make sure the ultimate comfort of her patients while providing dental care.

Dr. Lee Chun Hoe

As a firm believer in providing high quality and exceptional dental treatment, Dr. Lee treats his patient with utmost professionalism.

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The doctor was thorough in examining my teeth and recommended the necessary treatment. Overall, she is caring, gentle and made me feel comfortable throughout. Thanks to the doctor and keep up the good work!


Am I pleased with the treatment? Simply the best! The dentist explains in detail on the treatment plan, pros and cons of not undergoing it, giving options and even helping the patient to relax. Cosy environment with friendly staff. The price is reasonable too!


The dentist is very nice, and I feel so comfortable as if I’m at home. Thank you for the scaling, whitening and fillings!

Siu Wong from UK

I am more than happy to recommend this dental clinic to any my experience with this clinic was excellent. I got my upper and lower dentures replacement while I was on 3 weeks holidays in Malaysia the outcome is good with the time and effort they put in. I would like to thanks to all the staff member

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