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Orthodontic Treatment (Braces)

Want to get that perfectly aligned smile that you dreamt of? We offer various types of dental braces and orthodontic treatments, each catered to your needs.

Conventional Braces

The conventional metal brackets and wires that help correct your smile.

DAMON® system (Self-ligating)

Tie-less brackets that reduce the pressure on your teeth and move more comfortably to the correct positions.

Clear bracket system

Crystal-clear adult braces that serve the ultimate cosmetic alternative to unsightly metal braces for correcting misalignment or uneven tooth positioning.


US technology that helps shift your teeth into the proper position.

MBrace (Clear Aligner)

A clear aligner for greater comfort and minimal impact to your lifestyle for straighter teeth.

Oro-Myofunctional Therapy

A series of removable appliances that are worn daily to correct poor oral habit.

Upper Removable Appliance

A device that can be inserted into and removed from the mouth by the kids to correct their teeth misalignment.

Braces for Jaw Surgery

Orthodontic treatment is used to correct the teeth alignment prior to jaw surgery (Orthognathic surgery) for patients with discrepancy in his jaw relationship. Usually the orthodontist will correct the teeth to their respective jaw. And after the patient has undergone surgery, post-orthodontic is used to fine-tune teeth alignment.

How we do it?


Professional and comprehensive


Thorough examination and necessary diagnostic investigations are done on your visit, which we will then provide our professional advice for your best dental care.

Gentle and Comfortable


Each of our specialists and doctors are well-equipped with years of experiences and knowledge, here to ensure your dental treatment is comfortable and of optimum quality.

Long term care


Don’t hesitate to call us, even after your dental treatment! We are here to make sure you are equipped with proper basic dental knowledge!

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