Case 3: Aesthetic Fillings with resin composite

September 22, 2014 by Dr. Ng SN

Case 1

This young lady was not happy with the filling done on her left lateral incisor… Can you catch the problem?


It was lack of white opaque colour on the surface of the tooth.


We add some white opaque over the front surface of her tooth. Now do you see the difference?


Case 2

The patient had a front teeth chipped off after she fell


We built back the broken part with resin composite. We add a little bit of tranlucent shade to make it looked more natural. Below are the end-result…



Case 3

Dental decay at the front incisors

Filling02-01 Filling02-02

We removed the decay and filled up the cavities with aesthetic filling.



Case 4

This patient came complaint of his old filling dislodged.


The old filling was dislodged partly due to the large cavity on the tooth. In order to have a better ‘holding’ for the resin composite, amalgam pin was placed.


Drilling a hole for the pin


Amalgam pin was inserted


The pin was in place

Then,  the filling material was placed over the amalgam pin. Below is the final result of the aesthetic filling build-up…



Case 5

Another case of a very large cavity to be restored with resin composite.


2 amalgam pin were placed onto the cavity


And finally, the cavity was restore with aesthethic filling…



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