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Dr. Ng Sheue Nee

Dental Surgeon

BDS (Malaya)

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Summary about Dr. Ng

Dr. S. N. Ng is a general dental practitioner. She graduated from University of Malaya in 2003 and has more than 15 years of working experience as a dental surgeon. Her previous working experience includes working as a dental officer in government health clinics and private clinics. She mainly specializes in orthodontics treatment, cosmetic dentistry including teeth whitening/bleaching, aesthetic composite filling, crowns and bridges.

Highly recommended by her patients for being gentle and caring, Dr. Ng always make sure the ultimate comfort of her patients while providing dental care.


An articulator is a mechanical device used in dentistry which represents the anatomy of temporomandibular joint (the joint connecting lower jaw to the skull), upper jaw and lower jaw of patient to which upper teeth cast and lower teeth cast are fixed to the articulator in order to reproduce patient’s jaw movements. By nature, the purpose of these articulators can only be achieved when the position of the maxilla is duplicated with respect to the skull. The upper teeth cast should be mounted on a semi-adjustable articulator using a face bow. The closer the articulator matches the patient’s anatomy, the better the treatment outcome will be, hence shorter dental treatment time is required. It is a complex articulator which almost imitates the anatomy of the temporomandibular joint and follows the movement of your lower jaw. Therefore, it can be used in the fabrication of complex crowns, long span bridges and full mouth rehabilitation. This articulator is also used for jaw surgery (orthognathic) planning. Semi-adjustable articulator is adjustable in certain areas but not all. They have adjustable horizontal condylar paths, adjustable lateral condylar paths, adjustable incisal guide tables, and adjustable intercondylar distances. Nevertheless, this articulator is adequate for most of the cases. Uses of articulators
  • Educate to patient their jaw relation
  • Reproduce patient’s jaw movement like opening and closing of mouth
  • To diagnosis the state of patient’s occlusion
  • To help in treatment planning
  • To help in fabrication and modifying of dental restoration (dental crown and bridge)
  • To obtain good occlusion for dental restoration
  • For jaw surgery planning
  • Allows teeth arrangement for denture
Advantages of articulator
  • Dentist allows to adjust patient’s dental restoration on the articulator (outside patient’s mouth) without the disturbance of patient’s tongue, cheek, and saliva.
  • Reduce dental visits and treatment time because articulator helps to resemble patient’s jaw relation.
  • Adjustment and correction of dental restoration can be done in the absence of patient
  • With the help of articulator, your dentist allows to visualize the inner side of your teeth easily


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