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Cosmetic Dentistry

Creating the most radiant smile for you is a work of art we will always enjoy doing. From teeth whitening to smile makeovers, we aspire to provide you with the smile you can wear every day!

Bleaching (Teeth Whitening)

  • Teeth which are generally yellowish or brownish can be whitened to a desirable colour. We are using the ZOOM! whitening system where a patient is required to sit on our dental chair for 2 hours of painless procedure. After that, he goes away with a radiant white smile.

Porcelain Veneer

A conservative way to correct the shape, size and colour of the front teeth thus, creating a beautiful yet confident smile.

Duo:PCH™ Direct Porcelain Veneer

Not every patient can afford veneers. Until now, there has not been a more affordable solution that you can stand behind clinically. Duo:PCH changes that…

Full Porcelain Crown & Bridge

High aesthetic crown & bridge to replace the old metal-porcelain type. Full porcelain produces a natural hue with some amount of translucency which imitates nature tooth structure.

Aesthetic Fillings

Using white filling to restore and correct the shape, size and colour of teeth. With multiple colour/shade selection, the filling can be done with layering technique which goes unnoticeable!!

Cosmetic Gum Surgery

A treatment to correct the smiling gum line; whether to expose more teeth (in crown lengthening procedure), or cover-up exposed root surface or even reduce bulkiness in the gum area.

How we do it?


Professional and comprehensive


Thorough examination and necessary diagnostic investigations are done on your visit, which we will then provide our professional advice for your best dental care.

Gentle and Comfortable


Each of our specialists and doctors are well-equipped with years of experiences and knowledge, here to ensure your dental treatment is comfortable and of optimum quality.

Long term care


Don’t hesitate to call us, even after your dental treatment! We are here to make sure you are equipped with proper basic dental knowledge!

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