Direct Porcelain Veneer — Duo:PCH ™

February 9, 2015 by Dr. Chong


Duo:PCH ™ Gives More Patients the Choice of a New Smile

Not every patient can afford veneers, especially in today’s economy. Until now, there hasn’t been a more affordable solution that you can stand behind clinically.
Duo:PCH changes that.

Cerinate ® porcelain
Cerinate ® porcelain

Duo:PCH Porcelain Composite Hybrid is an entirely new esthetics category, combining the convenience of a composite build-up with the finishing beauty of Cerinate ® porcelain.

You simply:
• Customize the porcelain shells.
• Place the composite build-up.
• Seat the porcelain shells.
You’ll create beautiful, long-lasting and stain-resistant porcelain finishes. Now, Duo:PCH gives more patients than ever a chance at a beautiful new smile.

Advantages for the Dentist


• The only anterior direct restoration system with porcelain facing providing
improved esthetics, longevity, and easier finishing
• A new, affordable option and less costly than lab-fabricated veneers
• No need to layer composite “free-hand”
• No lab fees

Advantages for the Patient

• Affordable smile makeover in 1 – 2 office visits
• Minimal removal of sensitive tooth structure for greater comfort
• Beautiful, long-lasting esthetics that won’t stain or wear over time

Clinical Application

• Reshape misaligned, awkward or crooked teeth
• Level out uneven teeth
• Close gaps
• Revitalize old crowns and bridgework
• Fix chipped teeth
• Permanently whiten stained or dark teeth
DUO PCH-Indications

Technique Overview

In a few single steps, you’ll achieve beautiful results with Duo:PCH.
DUO PCH-Treatment overview

The Next Evolution in Anterior Direct Restoration Finishing
Strength and beauty of Porcelain

The Duo:PCH system features preformed porcelain shells with an underlay of composite, designed to mimic the luster, smoothness, translucency and shade characteristics of real enamel and dentin. Porcelain finishing provides better resistance to staining and chipping and does not need to be polished or maintained like composite, providing a beautiful, lasting solution at an affordable price.
• More natural and lustrous than composite
• Strong (195 MPa) and easy to customize with hand piece
• Requires less polishing over time
• Pre-etched for efficient placement
Duo:PCH composite cement is specifically
formulated for the porcelain composite
hybrid technique. Its thick viscosity and
light cure properties allows for efficient
working time and enhanced build-up
support without drift. Available in multiple
shades: OM1, A1/B1, A2/B2, A3.5 to
blend with underlying dentition.

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